We may have the same skin, but we’re no kin…

blackministers (1)

During a time when racial disparities are tremendously visible, black people are desperately seeking guidance and leadership.  There are many people saying that they are in the fight to help, but are just playing the role of an advocate. In reality these individuals are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Who are these wolves? These are our city and state government officials. These are our Pastors, and other members of clergy.  These are our so-called activist, and so-called leaders. Why can’t they move out of the way, and let some people who really want to do work get busy?

You know that you are dealing with nonsense when you can’t call your city-councilor, and ask what is going on in your district, or the city as a whole.  It is unfortunate that these individuals look at you as if you are bothering them with your concerns.  There are so many people that are sitting in a seat, but will not lift a finger to make sure that there is true equality or growth.

I must be honest, and say that I have been an absolute nuisance to the companies which I have worked in.  The reason for my actions is because of the lack of diversity, racial inequalities, and blatant racism.  In some cases there were racial statements made towards me. What happens when you are the only black person in a room, and you are the one being reprimanded? Who can you turn to?  Who understands? Who even cares?   I have been that person standing or sitting there with no one to turn to.

What did I do to fight for change?  I began documenting everything that seemed immoral or unethical, and placed it in my own personal file. Once I felt that I had enough proof to file a claim, I made a call to the Civil Rights Commission. Now, when I made this call, I was under the belief that this was going to be an organization that truly understood what it is like to be an oppressed person, and boy was I dreadfully wrong. This group is so much like the EEOC.  They are the gate to the community, the fence to the yard, the guard dog, and the door to protect the people who are in the house mistreating you.

The sad part about it is that there are people of color who are visible in this administration. Isn’t it ironic that white America always places Black people in the positions to protect them from being called racists?  Cheryl Boone Isaacs is the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Could she have not said something before the Oscar nominees were presented?  Could she have said that this is not an equal playing field?  Yes, she could have, but she may have been exiled for doing so.  This is why there are no people of color nominated for an Oscar this year. So many Black people are afraid to lose the little they have while standing up for the masses. 

I worked for a major grocer in Indianapolis, and had a Black manager who treated me like I was the scum of the earth. He talked down to me in front of white people.  He made everything my fault.  He allowed them to talk to me like I was nothing, and when it was time for me to file a complaint against the company with the Civil Rights Commission, my old manager was the main person used to protect the company from my claim. 

It is sad that we don’t protect each other. It is even sadder that we play a role in making sure another Black person is penalized with the help of another Black person. When I say we, I don’t mean all of us. I am speaking about the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I am speaking about the Pastor who collects from the people, but those same people can’t get a bill paid to prevent disconnection. I am talking about the Black restaurants, and businesses that don’t provide Black people with the same elite services that they provide for White customers, but will complain when Blacks stop supporting them. 

There are policemen who treat Black people worse.  There are politicians who will show up in the neighborhoods, and the church to get our votes, but never come back until the next campaign season.  If you don’t want to be bothered with us, just leave us alone. There is an old saying that says, “I can do bad all by myself.”  Before we have to continue dealing with people that play both sides against the middle, tell them to just stop and join the ranks of the opposition.  The unfortunate part about this is that we know that you are only going to last for a short period of time before the tide turns on you. 

It is our job to start calling these people out.  We need to start making sure that these people are recognized for being bad for the advancement of our people.  If we do not make it our responsibility to call these people out, or hold them accountable, then we are just as much to blame as the wolves that are actually hurting us.



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