Actions Speak Louder Than Words…and your actions are clear.


What can be said when a 12-year-old boy is gunned down in a city park for having what appeared to be a “real” firearm?  The real question is what should be done after a 12-year-old boy who had a “toy” firearm is gunned down 2 seconds after law enforcement pulled to the scene, and the car had not even stopped yet? 

In the middle of the 911 call the caller says, “The gun is probably fake.” Then towards the end of what was reported as a 2 minute call, the caller says, “He’s probably a juvenile.” The only other missing factor that I did not see is that someone said that he was Black.  I truly believe that this changed the tone of the entire matter, and was the driving force behind the shoot first, and ask questions later mentality that was obviously possessed by these officers. 

Was Tamir Elijah Rice really a threat?  Or did he become a threat because he was a young Black man?  Were you threatened that he may go to college, and change the world?  Were you threatened that he may one day grow up, and become President? Were you threatened that he may one day become a civil rights leader, and join the fight against racism, and inequality? Maybe he would become an attorney who would fight against Corporate-America and the obviously unfair unemployment rate for Blacks, or a Doctor who cures Cancer. We will never know because his life was cut short at the mere age of 12. 

How is it that Michael Vick received 23 months for dogfighting, yet there is no indictment for the killers of this child?  Is a Black life worth less than that of a dog?  Based on what I see, the answer is yes.  Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, and Sandra Bland are all proofs of the injustice, and lack of concern for Black lives. 

It seems that the side of the police vehicle should read, “Protect some lives, and Serve death to others, especially those of color.”  Why should we trust law enforcement?  Who is “Officer Friendly?”  It is a sad thought to think that the same officer who was just reading me a book, is going to one day be the same officer trying to throw the book at me. 

There are criminals in this world.  No one can deny this, and I do not think that anyone is trying to. When you choose to categorize an entire race of people (including our youth), and deal with them harshly no matter the situation, then yes we have to say that Black Lives Matter.  

We don’t want another Tamir Rice, Mike Brown or Sandra Bland.  Because when this happens, it means that the innocent can die, and there is no consequence. Until you can guarantee that, then the words will continue to be BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

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