Black on Black Live

In 2015, Indianapolis launched its newest and most informative

internet radio show, Black on Black with Gregory Meriweather. The show is featured on, which was founded by Harold HB Bell, of Indianapolis, IN.

Defined as “Us helping us,” Black on Black addresses relevant issues

that are cancerous to the Black community. Some of those issues

include Black parenting, Black relationships, Black church, Black

education, Black health, Black community leaders, Black government,

employment opportunities, the penal system and criminal injustice.

Motivated by his passion and commitment to change the landscape of

the Indianapolis Black community, Gregory Meriweather founded the

Black on Black show and serves as its weekly host. Standing firm on the

concept of “We are responsible for us” and subscriber to the notion,

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” first expressed by Barack

Obama, Meriweather believes the strength of the Black community is in

the muscle…

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